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About H2Om Water with Intention

Established in February of 2006, H2Om ~ water with intention is the world’s first interactive natural spring water, no flavors or additives. 

Each bottle promotes “Positive Energy for People and the Planet”.
Many bottled water companies use municipal water.
Not H2om.
H2om is great tasting pure mountain spring water collected straight from the source.

The H2Om motto "Think it while you Drink it"® inspires you to use the words on the label as a simple reminder for creating your own intention.

What also sets H2Om apart from other bottled water brands are the benefits inherent in each and every bottle including H2Om’s commitment to support world water education and organizations that bring awareness to social and environmental issues, natural health and the welfare of the planet. Designed for a healthy lifestyle, H2Om is Positive Drinking with Positive Thinking.

Our source is a natural spring in the Palomar Mountains of Southern California. Our purification process makes it one of the most pure natural spring waters available. Our water never comes into contact with chemicals. It comes straight from the granadorite fracture in the mountainside into our stainless steel transport tanks where it is purified with ultraviolet light. Once it arrives at our bottling facility, it is again purified with ultraviolet light and passes through a sub micron filtration system. Finally the water is energized with Oxygen3 (Ozone) a natural purification element to further clean the water.

H2Om ~ water with intention has revolutionized the bottled water industry by creating the world's first interactive bottled spring water bottled in 100% recycled no leach, BPA-free Regenerate™ containers. And our labels are specially designed with positive words in many of the world's languages both on the outside and inside of the label. Our trademarked varieties include Love, Perfect Health, Gratitude, Prosperity, Will Power, Joy, and Peace. What intention will you create today?

Voted 2009 Best Tasting Water in the World at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition

Harness the power of your positive thoughts™ H2Om Water with Intention®

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Saturday, February 24, 2018