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Our Mission

H2Om’s mission is to inspire individuals to create daily positive thoughts and intentions, to provide a clean source of natural spring water which has never been exposed to chemicals or groundwater contamination while educating consumers on how to keep our watersheds and water resources safe and clean, and to align with and support organizations working to heal water issues on local, national and global levels.

We also strive to encourage people across the world to create positive intention in their own lives and inspire them to actively participate in creating positive change on the planet.

We create awareness and education on world water issues, while we pay respect to the sacred life force that exists in our Water.

We support organizations and events which provide education through the media on social and environmental issues.

And a portion of our proceeds benefit the Love Planet Foundation, an environmental education organization dedicated to the protection of the planet for future generations.

Join us by clicking on the logo and making a donation! You can donate through paypal and every dollar has purpose.


Saturday, February 24, 2018