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"My business partner, Gyanesh, and I visited your booth at the ExpoWest convention in Anaheim.
We are advocates of the teachings of Dr. Hawkins, who in his book, "Power vs. Force" (and five other books), describes using kinesiology for Consciousness Level calibrations.

After several years of practice, Gyanesh and I are able to exactly replicate Dr. Hawkin's results. We have, in fact, become highly sensitive to vibrational energies and can often simply "sense" a calibration level.

After visiting your booth at the show, we looked at each other in excitement as we both sensed a very high vibrational field. We then verified through a kinesiology test that the H2OM product calibrated at the level of 499, which is extraordinarily high!

We have never witnessed any other commercial product that comes even close to this level. It is exciting to see new concepts that will contribute to the raising of human consciousness, and yours could be significant." We wish you good fortune.
Jeff Titterington

“I love the reminder to create intention on the bottles. I used it everyday after my heart surgery. My Doctors were amazed at the speed of my recovery, and I know it had a lot to do with creating the daily intention to heal and recover while I drank H2Om. Thank you H2Om! It's been over one year since my operation and I'm healthier than ever.
I still "Think it while I drink it" everyday."

John -82 years old
Summerlin, Nevada

"The H2Om water company is a small and socially aligned company that is working hard to raise awareness around global water issues," "H2Om has a strong cause-related mechanism as part of their business and they are aligned with what Earthdance stands for. For me, it is important to support companies that are working hard to break the corporate stranglehold on consumer buying choices. Corporatization of water on a mass global level is very different than socially aligned companies, trying to offer an alternative positive choice to consumers."

Chris Decker

“Water with good vibes!! What a great idea!”

Peace and Love,
Miami, Florida

"I love this product it is so unique. The Will Power Water has motivated me in my quest to lose weight for my high school reunion, and it is working!"

Jacqueline Callan
Tarzana, California

"Thank you for your donation of H2Om water for our Volunteer Celebration. The bottles of love, joy, will power and gratitude wonderfully suprised our volunteers! Water is certainly an important component to our tree plantings and it is great to have water with intention present at our event. Thank you for emphasizing the importance of conserving water, and for giving water, a whole new name."

Best Wishes,
Belinda Arredondo
Volunteer and Community Engagement Coordinator

“I love H2Om Water! What a lovely and healthful way to be reminded of the ever present importance of intention throughout my day and the water is wonderful!! Thank you!"

Tara Devi Dasi

“H2Om, what a blessing! It quenches our thirst, feeds our soul and ignites our spirit with INTENTION, ultimately raising our consciousness so we can be the change we want to see in the world. We are made of energy. we are energy sources and when our energy vibrates at a higher frequency because we are filling ourselves up with Positive Intentions, which changes us on a molecular level, we vibrate at a higher frequency, the realm of spirit and then we can soar! We change ourselves, we change the world, ONE DRINK AT A TIME! ONE SIP AT A TIME!
Here's to H2OM! CHEERS!!!!”

Molly Basler
Inside Out Fitness/Wellness

“ We have all heard that the gentlest force is the most powerful – that eventually, ’water wears away rock’. In the same way, water charged with the power of intention has the power to dissolve any hard edges within our human body, mind, heart, and soul and create states of being that are of the highest order. I have experienced it directly. When I drink Gratitude water, I feel more calm and stillness in my being as if the water traveling through my body is silently communicating ‘All Is Well’ ; Love water softens and sweetens my heart and Prosperity water, brings me a feeling of buoyancy and joy. Overall, I would say that there is a purification happening when drinking H2Om water — as though a form of cellular peace-making is taking place. Any inner rocky edges- worries, doubts or fears- that keep me from being at peace in the moment are softened and dissolved. Thank you H2Om — for the love, joy, peace, prosperity and gratitude in every drop!”

Christiane Schull,
Author, speaker, and creator of The Prosperity Circle.

Thank you for the beautiful waters. I love ALL the bottles and adore the labels and all the energy put into healing our planet and ourselves. Keep up the Good Work! WATER RULES! Your waters are GREAT!

Marin, California

I love the H2Om water! I bought a case of the LOVE water for a bridal shower and it was a big hit. Not only were we thinking and drinking love for ourselves, we were sending it out to the bride and groom too. It was so great that I got another case for another bridal shower, even though I couldn't attend it! Thank you for making such a great product.

Edie Marrs

Peace is not a future moment - it is a present moment and that is what H20m waters help us to remember. To be present with our intentions and to allow what we desire to experience to be in the now. Infusing our sacred temples with water filled with intentions of peace, love, joy, health, changes the world within and without. To Life! Thank you

Joan Clark

“As a Sound Healer I am grateful to offer water that has been infused with healing frequencies for my clients after treatments. It provides a homeopathic "tune up" for them and also keeps my energy fields balanced and radiant for my work. Besides, it tastes like sweet music!! I love it!”

Jan Cercone,

“I received a case of H2Om water in 2006. Working in the fields of alternative energy and gravity waves tends to be tiresome due to the unusual energy and mental concentration. When I started to drink The H2Om water, I felt instant energy! I treasured every bottle of it during my 1st month of testing for Fox T.V. I am in the entertainment industry and when I get my network TV show on Fox my main stay will be this water. Thank you!”

John Hutchison
scientist and entertainer

“I love the labeling on the bottles, the genius of its words, and its inspiring images and design. My experience of drinking H2Om, is noticing right away how with its clustering ease, this water of life quenches my thirst, and all I canthink is : "This water is wonderful" !

Thank you H2Om!”

Yelm Washington

“My awareness of Dr. Emoto’s work with messages from water as Hado Instructor is heightened as is my connection and sensitivity with the environment. In my thoughts I recite the water prayer as I drink; Water I love you, Water I thank you, Water I respect you to clear and bless the water and myself knowing I am 70% water. When I say this water prayer drinking H2Om water Love, Gratitude, Peace it sparkles and tastes refreshingly sweeter”

Eveline Maria Smith
Artist, Certified Hado Instructor
Reiki/Shambala Master

“I love to give the Love water as part of a gift. I buy the waters at Follow Your Heart and then put them in gift bags and baskets. People really like receiving them.”

with warm regards,
Daphneleah Schneider
Winnetka, California

"Because of your generous support and participation, City Yoga's 24 hour fundraiser was a success!
The water you donated fuelled and inspired 60 enthusiastic yogis as they bent and stretched for 24 hours to further the awesome cause of Habitat for Humanity. All of our efforts raised $51,000! Those funds will help construct a home for a family in need. Yogathon is a fine example of what a community can do when our hearts are united to acomplish a goal. We could not have done this without your help.
You are so appreciated and I offer this letter of thanks to you."

Rebecca Benenati


Saturday, February 24, 2018