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Award Winning Water with Intention.  Always pure.  Always delicious.  H2Om, "Om" water, is high mountain premium natural spring water. No flavors or additives.

Many bottled water companies use municipal water.  We don't.  H2om is great tasting pure mountain spring water collected straight from the source.

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Our water emanates from a natural spring water source in the San Diego Mountains. It  is derived from the protected 420,000 acre Cleveland National Forest in Southern California.  These pristine mountains tower above the semi-arid deserts below.  The thick rain forests and rolling meadows of Palomar Mountain are in Northern San Diego County of California.  Large pine, bin-cone, big-cone fir, and cedar trees, which receive up to 100 inches of precipitation annually, make this area unique in California.  The water is filtered down to a depth of 300 feet before being transported to the surface through the hard fractured granite.  In a time when most consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the quality and purity of their drinking water, the spring’s 4,000’ elevation is significant in that it is well above the “fertilization line” caused by commercial agriculture and it’s byproducts.


H2Om Water with Intention Selected as The Official Bottled Water of The Chopra Center.

As part of The Chopra Center’s goal in guiding their guests to nurture their own health, restore balance and create fulfillment in their lives, they have selected H2Om Water with Intention as their Official Bottled Water. 

We at H2Om take pride in our product and services.  We believe we have the finest mountain spring water in the world, and are confident you will find that H2Om is the best water you have ever tasted.  Designed for a healthy lifestyle, H2Om is Positive Drinking with Positive Thinking. 
Harness the power of your positive thoughts™ Think it While you Drink it ® H2Om Water with Intention® 

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