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Vibration Hydration

H2om's Vibration Hydration®

Promoting positive energy for people and the planet, H2Om uses words, colors, music, and the understanding that everything is made of matter which vibrates as the inspiration and driving force behind our intention based, interactive natural spring water.

but first a brief explanation of Energy, Frequencies, and Resonance

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Beyond All The Mind Bending Scientific Equations, Man Made Laws, Doctrines, Dogmas and Analyzing It's ALL Very Simple...EVERYTHING Is Energy and Frequency. When you understand it and learn to "consciously" apply it, you can experience that power for yourself through the events, conditions and circumstances that unfold in your life. When you break through all the fancy terms, all the analyzing and all the brain twisting equations that scientists come up with to support their discoveries and theories regarding what this all pervasive force is, at the heart of it, it's all simply about energy. It’s simply frequency that determines what attracts enough of this energy together which creates the physical outcomes that we each experience.

Our individual choices determine what this "frequency" is that we send out. Both physical things and non physical unseen things in their purest and most basic form is simply a vibrating mass of energy that consistently produces and emits a frequency.

In other words energy vibrates. The vibrational nature of energy creates a frequency.

Many hold perceptions that if they can't see, feel, touch, taste and smell it that it isn't "real." Others are aware of it but don't pay it much mind.

Energy is the basic building block of everything and frequency, often called resonance, determines what this energy is drawn to and forms into which then determines what is created and experienced in the physical world.

This energy is everywhere, in everything, and all around you all the time. It’s what your body and everything else physical is made of. It’s at the core of EVERYTHING you see or can’t see.

It's the most basic and fundamental building block of literally EVERYTHING.

It’s what’s responsible for colors, sounds, smells tastes, oxygen and unseen things that the average person can’t even conceive.

Science says that at this level…at this almost non-conceivable level of wave form that ALL things already exist as a probability of existence.

In basic and simple terms it means that anything that can be conceived, and even things beyond the ability to conceive at this point exist in this wave field.

You could say that this unseen wave form is "pure consciousness." When an idea is conceived a process of attraction is activated in this vast and infinite field of consciousness.

Regardless of what IT might be, in the form you can’t see it or experience it, it ALL already exists as a wave form or frequency. The form you can see and experience is a collection of these wave forms or frequencies which when an “Intention” is placed or in more basic terms a thought, these wave forms transmute from this wave form, transmutes to create particles of "matter" which when enough of these particles of matter join together form bigger masses of this matter resulting in the things that we CAN see in the physical world.

This matter then collects with additional matter that harmonizes at the same frequency which creates atoms and when enough atoms have collected then transmutes into molecules, forms cells and organisms and once the process is complete and enough of these energy particles are collectively formed produces “physical” things that we can see and touch and taste and smell and hear.

Vibration - There are several distinctive vibrational frequencies that are incorporated in each bottle of H2Om.

The First is the vibrational frequency of the label. The use of words, symbols and colors on the label create a specific vibratory frequency. Each bottle also contains the sanskrit symbol of the Absolute, “Om”. It also contains the vibratory frequencies of the words “Love” , “Perfect Health” , "Gratitude", etc. written on the label in many of the world’s languages. This represents unity among people, a subconscious reminder that we are not alone on this planet. A specific color vibration has also been chosen for each bottle, this color coordinates with the corresponding chakra.

Next are the very important Interactive qualities of H2Om. Our Trademark slogan is “Think it while you drink it.”® We encourage you to connect to the intention inspiring words on the label, create your own intention, and literally, “Drink in ” the vibration inspired intentions you've created. This not only reverberates in your body, but out into the world as well. It also brings about an awareness that connecting with your humanity, food and water is a sacred grateful act. As you drink, take a moment to use the words, colors, music, and vibrations as a tool to create your own personal intention! Set your world in motion, then watch as the law of attraction goes to work for you. Visualize great, extraordinary, vivid, mental and spiritual creations. For the good of you, for the good of mankind, for the good of the planet. Drink in the vibrations as you absorb the award winning crystal clear spring water, then resonate the positive energy throughout your day.

As a bonus, (in alignment of the concepts described above in Energy, Frequencies, and Resonance) we also introduce audio frequencies to the water through sound and music. After the bottling process is complete, we charge the water in the storage facility with sound and music that was created with specific intention in mind, also utilizing frequencies known for having restorative qualities, that have been used by health practitioners throughout history. Crystal Bowls, Acoustic Piano, Spoken Word, Ancient Healing Scales and more. (we know some people, and politicians, may be skeptical, however we believe that if water is effected by these types of vibrations, then as a bonus, let's provide the water with the purest form of vibration possible).

We believe that everything in the universe contains a vibrational resonance or frequency. As powerful as water is, it is receptive and sensitive. We are made of water.
Based on these beliefs H2Om's Vibration Hydration™ process was developed.

Although this product is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, we do believe in the power of intention and that anything is possible.
Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us with your H2Om water experiences and personal miracles!

Saturday, February 24, 2018