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Changing the World

H2Om Water is dedicated to supporting organizations creating education, environmental awareness and positive change.

The Emoto Peace Project
The Emoto Peace Project donates Dr. Masaru Emoto’s books to children around the world for free. His goal is educate on the importance of water and it’s relevance to the true nature of human beings and to bring Peace on Earth.

The Samburu Project
The Samburu Project is a 501(3)(c) non-profit that collaborates with communities in developing countries to enhance men, women and children´s daily lives by providing resources that address immediate needs while promoting long term sustainability and self-sufficiency along with cultural integrity. The Samburu Project´s first initiative is aimed at providing easy access to clean, safe drinking water to communities in the Samburu District, Kenya. With water, it becomes possible to impact other aspects of community life including education, healthcare, income generation and women´s empowerment. With water, development happens. For only $13.00 you can give someone Water for Life.

The Love Planet Foundation
The Love Planet Foundation, established in 2001, is a non-profit organization dedicated to launching fund raising projects and multi-media events which educate and inspire social & environmental awareness.

Over the last four years H2Om water has donated thousands of dollars of free water to charities to support their efforts. Here are just a few: Amma, Animal Acres, Tree People, Agape Spiritual Center, First Tuesday LA, Black Mesa Trust, The American Cancer Society -Relay for Life, The American Film Institute, APE Action, Camelot Artists,The Diversity Awards, The Emoto Peace Project, Cinema City Film Festival, Earthdance, Elevate Film Festival, International Water for Life Foundation, United Nations Association of Pasadena, The Green Business Network, Sustainable Business Council Los Angeles, The Hollywood Note Foundation,, The Los Angeles Fire Department, The Devonshire Police Fund, Nancy Cartwright’s Charity Events, Project Angel Food, Star Paws LA, The APL Foundation, Hamsa Yoga Foundation, Muscle Beach Toy Drive, Planting Seeds of Peace and The Kind Foundation, Sting and The Rainforest Foundation and more!

Saturday, February 24, 2018