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Please Recycle!

(not just water bottles, but all the recyclable materials you buy each day)

Don't know where to go? find a recycling center here:


more here:


from the H2Om Blog from Earthday :

"only one third of one percent of the plastic in land fills is bottled water. The rest is plastic from everyday items such as shampoo bottles, make up, razors, detergent, deodorant, office supplies, cleansers, toys, etc, etc. etc.

It seems that the REAL problem is that people are not informed. And by that we mean informed of where they can recycle, or how very important recycling is. Some cities even have recycling bins as part of the weekly trash pick up. Which is great. But also consider the other drinks you drink. Soda (plastic), Smart Water (plastic), Vitamin Water (plastic), Juice (plastic), Milk (plastic), and the list goes on and on... do we ban all of these too?

The answer is simple...

People must start recycling. Start coming up with solutions, new eco ideas, and be a voice that also takes action within the community, workplace, and schools. Utilize the recycling stream to create products and containers that are made from recycled materials and eliminate the depletion of our natural resources. And support companies that do.

At H2Om water, we are doing our part by bottling our water in 100% recycled material. Regenerate™ is a safe 100% recyclable, no leach, BPA-free, reusable PET1 container. And we do not use foreign virgin resources like petroleum in the process. We are also doing our part by providing our customers with eco-resources and education, places to recycle, easy tips to create a better sustainable healthy lifestyle.

We wish tap water was cleaner, but unfortunately most city water has residual traces of pharmaceuticals, birth control pills, lead, rocket fuel, fluoride, chloramines, and the list goes on, and most over the counter filters don't remove all those. That's the sole reason we provide natural spring water, so people can count on having a clean source of fresh pure water. If you have great clean tap water, then we recommend using a refillable container. (you can also get one here on our site) They can last a lifetime! All of our products are BPA-free, no leach, and 100% recyclable (including our refillables) , so if you choose to throw them away, all you have to do it put them in the recycling and you are doing your part, too.



Saturday, February 24, 2018