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H2Om Water with Intention - Statement of Sustainability


Since our inception in 2006, H2Om Water with Intention has been dedicated to delivering the cleanest, purest source of living, mountain spring water in the most environmentally efficient way, leaving little or no impact on the planet.

Our company is local to Southern California and our Palomar Mountain spring, bottling plant, virtual offices and warehouses are all within a 150-mile radius of each other.

Our safe plastic resin is manufactured in an eco friendly hydro powered plant in Costa Rica and is made of 50 - 100 % post consumer recycled PET 1 and is BPA and Phlalate FREE, guaranteed not to leach any harmful hormone disruptors or chemicals into the water.

As of January 2010 H2Om water is bottled in 100% Recycled Regenerate™ PET 1 making it a completely safe and renewable product. Completing the recycling life cycle and eliminating our dependence on petroleum. We manufacture our bottles locally in our Los Angeles bottling plant and we are proud to say they are made in the USA (compared to most plastic bottles which are manufactured and shipped from China)

We use the state of the art purification systems, utilizing submicron filtration, UV light and ozone 3. Our water is never exposed to chlorine, fluoride, agricultural runoff or harmful chemicals.

We route manage our deliveries to save on fuel and emissions. 

H2Om is the only bottled water brand recommended by The Environmental Media Association and recognized by The Wall St. Journal and TIME Magazine as the original brand to incorporate intention as part of our business model

Our positive themed labels inspire individuals to focus on positive thoughts and participate in creating positive change on the planet.

H2Om is dedicated to environmental education and the long-term preservation of our planet. Through our eco friendly packaging and community programs, we have inspired consumers with educational tips to help keep our oceans, rivers, watersheds and groundwater clean.


Saturday, February 24, 2018